Food for Happiness

When people get overwhelmed, stressed, sad or just tired, they react in different ways and try various strategies to overcome their negative feelings. I have friends that prefer to go out for a walk, others prefer to relax, listen to music, paint, exercise, meditate, writing their feelings down or to just pick up the phone and talk to a friend. I personally love to cook, to create a dish and share it with family and friends.

Food can put you in a good mood and if you have company while cooking it’s even better. Make easy and not complicated dishes with something that you have in the house, put in some music as well and distract yourself from negativity. A few years ago I was asked to work as a volunteer with a group of young people that were away from their families and trying to cope with life.

I remember the day I went to meet them. They were very curious about my Italian accent and a girl started to laugh and joke about how Italians eat pasta and pizza and in that moment I understood that food would be a good way to start my group counseling. We decided to make fresh pasta together. One person walked away, not interested in joining the rest and criticizing the decision to cook, but it was funny to see that person come back in the kitchen and start asking me questions about me and the food.

I love cooking with other people, it is a wonderful way to bond with others and sometimes it can make it easier for people to talk about their personal problems. Eat healthy. Eat enough. Eat with love.

Food for Happiness
Photo by Marcus Wallis on Unsplash