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18 Dec 2020

Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you

Sometimes we think that the people around us are better than us because they lead a successful and luxury lifestyle and we strive to be their friends, act like them and we wish to have what they have.
Yet sometimes people with a great lifestyle are the saddest people who need to be loved the most. Be humble, be yourself, enjoy the little things in life and let your joy be contagious to others.

I used to allow people to criticise my way of thinking and the way I behave having a bubbly attitude. I spent years worrying I would not be accepted by others. When I was invited to people’s houses I would open my wardrobe and choose the same kind of clothes they were wearing to fit in. Nowadays I have become a strong woman, I wear what I like, I choose my friends wisely and I stand up for my values. Empathy is my strongest value. We are all unique, we all have different values and emotions and I fully respect people if they have different opinions as long as they don’t hurt anyone else. Believe in yourself and don’t let anyone stop you from pursuing your dreams. Life sometimes can be difficult and full of surprises, but if you build strong self confidence and keep a positive attitude you can overcome problems and suffer less.

Be unique, be honest, be your own person and be an inspiration to others. I have always had strong values and sometimes I have been the only person in a crowd with a different opinion but I always remained true to myself. At times I have had to use the strategy of listening and remaining silent and respect other people’s points of view.

Stand up for yourself, stand up for the people you love, don’t worry about what others say about you. They may need your help one day. A friend of mine told me for years that you can’t change people who are unpleasant, but I can change my approach to them. Sometimes being different can make all the difference.

09 Dec 2020

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